about mojo cosmetics:

beauty is for everyone and we created mojo cosmetics with this simple notion years ago. mojo was a company founded on the belief that beauty isn’t just for the glamorous or privileged.

mojo was founded by a los angeles based artist who got together with other like minded people that wanted to create and make something different that people would really enjoy using and be proud to own.

looking around at the market, we saw a lot of the same thing and hardly anyone was doing anything really radical. The packaging all came from the same places, the formulations all felt the same.

our focus was to make great botanical/organic professional grade products that had a sleek almost “secret agent” feel to them. we also didn’t want to use anything off the shelf and most everything we make is custom from the ground up. we don’t use stock packaging and we don’t use other people’s formulations. it’s extremely time consuming and difficult, but if it’s not something that’s new and unique, why bother making it? our focus of bringing new and exciting to the market is evident in everything we do.

beauty and cosmetics are an important art form and just as the best fashion designers take risks we believe the same should hold true for us. we utilize the philosophy behind haute couture and apply it to our cosmetic line by using the best materials, processes, and ingredients that money can buy and incorporate them into our products.

high end design should be fun and eclectic. incorporating different styles together in a cohesive amalgamation that fits together even when it shouldn’t is our goal. our designs and our marketing have always been fun and a little tongue in cheek. we really scrutinize our designs and our formulations over and over to make sure they are the best. is this useful, is this color universal, does this product make sense to launch, is this design too pedestrian, will the price be prohibitive to the consumer?

we’re routinely asked “what’s the best part of your cosmetics?” to pick out any one element is to discount the rest of what mojo offers in its products. people buy mojo for the whole package. our consumers “get the joke” behind our marketing, tend to have an artistic element to their personalities, and demand quality. our consumer base stretches from the old to the young and from the rich to the poor. it really is a line for the people.