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About English Blackwell

English Blackwell is a premium marketing and design boutique out of Houston and Los Angeles. We’re a tight knit group that is insanely talented and client focused. Everyone on the team is multi-disciplined, multi-award winning, has press for their work and comes from big markets. But who cares? What really matters are results and customer service and results. We’re all critical thinkers and independents. We’re rebels, bootstrappers, and low level hooligans. We’re clandestine, addicted to cool and extremely high level performers. We can do it better, cheaper and faster than you or your company does it. We only want the best--for ourselves and our clients. We despise mediocrity and love luxury. If you’re looking to build anything less than a world-class brand, we’re not a fit.

Nobody outworks us. Nobody outthinks us. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Industries served: Luxury, Finance, Energy, Military/Weapons, Real Estate, Entertainment, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Medical, Tech, Gaming, Consumer Goods and Aviation

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Data Visualization
Decision makers can analyze millions of rows of virtually any corresponding data in the same platform--all in real time, with no client programming required or technical expertise. Opportunities, exceptions and inefficiencies are instantly recognizable. If you’re in finance, healthcare, energy, defense or manufacturing and you’re not visualizing your data, you’re losing money. Period.
Guerilla Marketing
Very dear to our hearts and the essence of what good advertising is, can and should be. English Blackwell takes to the streets using innovative techniques, promotions and stunts to generate brand awareness and ultimately sales for your firm. Great for smaller companies on a budget that need a big social impact. Not for the faint of heart.
Digital Design
Websites are SINGLE HANDEDLY your best marketing dollars spent. They’re persistent, cost effective and are the best place to define your brand, build market share, sell product or get your message out. EB has been in web since inception and is very skilled at html 5, PHP, AS, js, json, etc. Large, medium and small websites, animation, apps, games, mobile and custom software are all handled in house.
What’s the point of getting your message out if your brand is disjointed, ugly or makes you look like you haven’t had an update since 1994? If the old brand has solid bones we will make it slicker or start from scratch. Full turnkey: brand identity, copywriting, design, photography, 3d product vis, sales kits, collateral, promotions and sponsorships.
You’re a bigger company with a solid budget? Great, you have our attention. We’ll assess your marketing plan or develop a new one for you. TV, radio, out of home, tradeshow, etc.--extremely comprehensive. Regular ROI reports. All inclusive. Frequency is the name of the game.
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We’re always looking for talented and passionate people to
join the crew. We also have a year round internship program for hungry to learn and contribute.
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